Gather Rounds Invitational Begins!

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January 29, 2016 by sz

FVHS - 72

First things first: are you accepting the invitation? Click here to email an RSVP. I’d love to know who’s in.

February 1st – February 19th: Invitational
February 24th – Lunch debrief

Environmental invitation: Greet Every Student

This month we invite you to greet every student! We hope you’ll try greeting every student every day all this month, but any day you personally say hello to every student as they enter or leave your class is a success!

Instructional invitation: Google Jigsaw

Many of us have used a jigsaw-type strategy in our classes to engage students in learning new information, or as a review activity. Often times in a jigsaw, students report back to a small group of students.

But with a Google Jigsaw students create a slide on a shared Google Presentation and present their slides to the class.

I’ve had great success with this strategy this year. Once I used it as a way for students to review a couple chapters in The Scarlet Letter.

Here’s how I did it:

I shared a Google Presentation as a template with the class. This template included what I wanted to see on each slide.

Students were in groups of four or five. I gave them 20 minutes to plan out their slides and create them.

The time constraint helped keep the students focused and helped them to avoid the typical homework process:

FVHS - 77We actually had enough time for each group to present their slides and the process injected a new energy into our discussion of the novel.

Example A, example B, example C.

I used it again recently to introduce rhetorical fallacies. As students presented their work, I corrected misconceptions as they arose.

This strategy is extremely flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit any subject. It would work really well in introducing new vocabulary using the Frayer Model. You could assign groups of students a new word and ask them to make a slide for each element of the Frayer Model:sec_rdng_page07_02

You could scaffold as needed. Then each group could present their vocabulary term and help lead a discussion about that word.

If you’d like help setting this up, or you’d like to see this strategy in action in the classroom, please contact me.


Mr. Gruca loves greeting his students


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